Artist  Gallery
Nancy with one of her
earliest murals in Naples, Fl.
latest bronze repaint
These bronze urns were painted tromp l'oeil (illusion) style in architectural niches. Nancy had
originally painted them verdigris (8 years earlier) and repainted them bronze recently to conform
with the owner's design changes  after surviving three recent hurricanes.  Also note the
bougainvillea she painted over the archway.
original verdigris
This is the "peeking monkey", a favorite with  
Florida clients.
This mural was painted on canvas and applied to the
ceiling by a wallpaper hanger.Painting on canvas is a
good option if the client is too distant or the space too
difficult to access.
Angel trumpet tree painted high up on a
stairway landing. Details at sides.
This entry room created a whole environment and incorporated mural
and faux. It featured an English country garden theme on one wall and a
faux block wall opposite it. A neighbor nearby liked it so much that a
similar project was done but with a Tuscany view instead.  Picture to
This has a rich hand painted wallpaper feel. The
artwork was done over a faux silk background.
A lanai now with a window
where there wasn't one!
Rotary Designer Showhouse           February 2009
       Vero Beach, Florida

Nancy painted this mural in the master bathroom
water closet. The tree and foliage were painted in
metallic paints.
Copyright 2009 Nancy Jo Branigan
All rights reserved.
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This outdoor wall was visible through the guest room
window so the owner wanted to create a prettier view.
Nancy painted a continuation of the bougainvillea planted
behind the wall spilling over it and added a blue heron,
ibis family, butterflies and dragon flies for interest.
The leaping dolphins were painted
in an outside lanai above a hot tub.
The Fishack mural

The Fishack restaurant is
located on Old Dixie in
downtown Vero Beach.
The owners wanted a
colorful,cheerful, happy
mural and here it is. Nancy
also painted faux  thick
bamboo on and around
the doors inside.