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This dining room had an "L" shaped corner
with a dark wood hutch so the artwork
covered both walls. Nancy started with a
pomegranate tree at each end and added a
blossoming cherry, willow, peony and lots of
birds. The ceiling above the table was faux
finished to bring out more of the lovely accent
Nancy enhanced this master bathroom tub area with a faux
finish in the alcove and a scene of Italy on each end wall. There
was an interesting effect when looking in the vanity mirrors...the
mirror reflected the scene behind you so you could enjoy both
the scene beside you and behind you.
These are the
two scenes.
Details below
This Master bathroom was faux finished in a subtle
color wash and the mural was painted in umber and
white. The scene seemed to continue into the next
room seen through the doorways.
Copyright 2009 Nancy Jo Branigan
All rights reserved.
The "dolphin bathroom" was painted for clients who have enjoyed
swimming with them. Nancy added lots of tropical fish, sea creatures,
corals, and sea grasses to create an underwater world.
Laundry room and side entry project

To the left is the framed artwork in
the laundry room that was the color
inspiration for the whole project.

Nancy brought the bright red and
yellow into the murals in  the
hibiscus, anthurium, passion
flowers, croton , frangiapani and
This view looks out of the
laundry room to the entry hall
and frames the ginger plant.
In both the laundry room above
and hall below , there were utility
control panels to "disguise".
This is a beach scene mural in an entry foyer.
This is the view as you
enter the foyer,
This is the view to the left
looking down the whole
mural wall.
You can click on most
images to enlarge them.
The mural was painted before the
new sink was installed. [above]
Nancy returned to see the final
product and take pictures. [below]
Undersea Mural

This mural creates an undersea
scene with the ceiling painted as if
you were looking up through the
If you look up while you
are showering, you will
see this little gold fish
swimming over your
Here are some of the creatures in this undersea world.
This is a good place to explain the difference between two different
styles of painting, each with its own subtle differences.

The Dolphin Mural was painted in what I call a "water color" style.
Light colors are used to start, and deeper colors are achieved by
layering on glazes as in the example to the right.

The Undersea Mural featured below is painted in what I would
characterize as a more "oil paint" style. The background darker
colors are applied first and then thicker, more opaque light colors
are painted on over the darks.

Enlarge the picture to the right and the picture in the section below
marked with the [ #]  and compare the styles.