About the Artist
Nancy Jo has pursued  her dreams as an artist, since her early days growing
up in Elmont N.Y.  She knew she was an artist back in kindergarten where
there were only 2 easels and she was always trying to hog them!

She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where
she studied  fashion design and illustration.   She continued  studying fine art
at  the State University at Oneonta , New York where she tried her hand at
such diverse things as silk screen printing, oriental watercolor, jewelry making
and oil painting.

But painting was her first love  and she has followed  that vision ever since.  
She recently remembered that at age 16 she painted her first mural. In her
bedroom she painted a yellow ceiling, white walls and a bright border of  
cheerful yellow and orange flowers with forest green vines.

Nancy's goal is to create beauty...she feels her job is to listen to the
client/designer and to understand (see) what they envision...and then to use
her talent, technical skills, creativity and experience to get that vision
transfered to the wall, canvas, furniture item etc.  Her strengths are her
technical ability, experience, her inate sense of balance, color and repetition
of form.  She is extremely versatile and  has the ability to paint in either a
bold ,strong, thick style, or in a sheer watercolor look.   

She has accumulated a long list of happy, satisfied clients over the years,
resulting in many referrals as well as her clients continuing to call on her for
additional artwork.

      She would love to paint for you!                     

Services and Prices
Murals:  Murals are priced  according to the size of the job , its level of
difficulty, and the time needed to complete it.  For example, it costs more if  
scaffolding is required  or if there is a lot of detail required (like lots of foliage
or flowers) or perspective (lots of buildings) or trompe l'oeil (illusion).
Generally, if a wall is approximately 10 feet long and  8 feet high, you can
expect to pay $1600-3200 for most murals.  
The minimum cost for a mural of any size is $1000.  

Faux Finishes: (a painted finish to make something look like another, e.g.,
marble or wood.  Or a manipulation of paint to make a plain wall more
interesting.)   This very popular decorative device is used to change  or
enhance walls, elevator doors , furniture etc.  Prices on this service, again,
depend on the size of the job and its level of difficulty.   
Minimum cost $1000.

Custom Paintings:  Commissions are priced on a case by case basis.  
Furniture: Nancy creates the faux finishes and artwork, but
is not set up to do pick up, delivery, prep work or spray
topcoats. She can suggest qualified people for those
services. Minimum cost for artwork $500.