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Faux Finishes
This is a large scale painting
5 ft. x 10 ft. that hangs over a
fireplace in a very tall living
Nancy creates custom paintings for clients and designers. A client may have a general idea of what they would
like, but have special requests, like the inclusion of a favorite pet, or that certain colors used in coordinating
fabrics be included. Sometimes an unusual size canvas is needed for a particular space so the same subject
matter can be painted in a different format. These are challenges Nancy enjoys.
Nancy painted this Florida
beach scene of her own children
in their favorite bathing suits  
with their special beach toys.  So
many people admired it that she
has done many similar custom
beach scenes in different
formats featuring the clients'
children, toys, pets, favorite sea
birds and creatures. Two
examples are below. Click the
images for a closer look!  You'll
see Sharla's favorite Minnie
Mouse Bathing suit.
This is quite large. To give you an idea of the
size, it is painted on three hollow core doors.
Here we have an example of similar subject matter in different formats. This
Everglades scene was painted for a client who wanted to remember the pet
alligator he had when he was young! You can see him swimming along in the
water. There is also a racoon hiding.  Nancy liked it so well that she painted one
for herself on a different size canvas and adjusted the scene accordingly.
Here is a canvas of Nancy's "peeking
monkey".  He has been named because
he is a favorite of hers and of her clients
and has been painted many times.  
Nancy has him in a mural in the entry of
her own home.
Nancy is sometimes asked to "recolor" an existing painting to have it
better coordinate with a new decorating color scheme. In this case, the
original was her own work later recolored from pinks to purples when
the bedding and wall color was changed.
Although Nancy creates many works with a tropical theme, she is
also adept at many different subjects and styles of painting!
Here is another large 5 ft. x 10
ft. painting shown above in
the location it was designed
A vineyard scene.
This was inspired by
a Chinese scroll.
Homage to a spectacular orchid!
A triptych fits nicely over a couch.
This grouping had a modern feel and
coordinated with the design colors.
Copyright 2009 Nancy Jo Branigan
All rights reserved.
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