Faux Finishes
This is an elevator door! Many of the oceanfront
homes have ugly elevator doors opening right in the
foyer... so Nancy has created many unique designs.
This one is faux mahogany with raised panels.
This little bathroom was tucked under a stairway....broken-away
block showing sky gave some space where there was none.
Faux block and a faux hat!
Nancy has been trained in faux finishing, and has years of experience, but now mostly
uses them as backgrounds for her murals, or to create a portion of a mural. The look of
"silk" is lovely behind artwork for an elegant look. A soft glaze or colorwash tends to
soften the look of the mural .  If the mural work will only appear on one focal wall, a
glaze or colorwash unifies the whole area and gives interest to the walls without the
mural.  You can click on
most pictures to enlarge them for a closer look.
This bathroom has faux marble and sandstone blocks
as well as ivy, and the speck on the wall is actually a
fly, painted so realistically that people try to swat it!
This is freehand artwork over a faux silk background
These are examples of faux marble.
Colorwashed wall finish.
This cement floor was glazed and the mural was
painted over it and on up the wall.
This is a ragged finish with
some iridescence. Then
the vines ,poppies, and
flowers were added.
This niche was enhanced by making it look
like broken-out block.
This Victorian antique look was created
with glazes, artwork sanded through,
plastering and overglazing.
Some very diverse faux finishes
were created for this client. In the
powder bath was a rich "crater " or
"bubble" fresco that appeared 3
dimensional, but wasn't.
But in the butler's pantry, Nancy
created an actual 3D  finiish.
Rough texture was applied,
painted in metallics and overglazed
to blend with the tile and granite
A deep brown metallic fresco in
bronze and gold set off the crystal
and bronze pineapple chandelier
in the entry foyer.
On the very pale blue walls of this
bathroom, Nancy stenciled small
seashells in iridescent pearl paint that
are hardly visible until they catch the
light. You can see some shining in the
picture to the right. She added some
shells and sea creatures for interest.