This was the first piece of furniture Nancy
ever painted on.  The printed fabric used on
the bed and windows was the inspiration for
both the artwork on the chest and the
border Nancy painted around the room.
Since that first project, she has painted on many diverse things,  from large
custom built -in wall units to small decorative tables. Because of her faux
finishing expertise, she can combine finishes with artwork.
This built-in had a  faux finish
and artwork which picked up
the fabric colors in the room.
On this little table is a trompe
l'oeil pencil that has fooled
many people!
In this unique project, the
refrigerator door panels
were painted to coordinate
with the wall paper.
The oriental scene was painted on this
custom built cabinet in metallic paints.
Sharla loved cats, but her Mom was allergic
to them, so she got this cat on her toybox. In
the front scene, she is with a cat, and her
brother is with the dog he wished he had.
Anything is possible in paint!
The finish, artwork,
and gold-leafing on the
antique mirror to the
left was recreated on
the chest to the right.
Lots more  chests and nightstands.

The one below features a faux marble top and sides.
Lop-eared bunnies
with silver metallic
chicken wire and a
carrot on top!
This chest and custom-built
armoire features a metallic
glaze and hand-cut stencil
trim in black and metallic
This tone-on-tone screen has faux finished
panels, glazing and painted architectural
Nancy has painted lots of stools!
Often, fabric or wallpaper
motifs can be incorporated
into the artwork.
Sometimes inspiration and new life
comes from unique sources. Nancy  
found old yellowed sheet music called
"Dream Shadows" in a little shop and
the name inspired this design for the
transformation of the discarded piano
bench to the left.
The top of this piece was an aerial
view of a formal garden, complete with
koi fish in the center pool.
This custom corner
cabinet and bench were
inspired by
MacKenzie-Childs style
furniture. When having an
artist paint just for you,
you can have personal
touches added, like the
"blue devil" on the bench
leg for this avid Duke
University sports fan.
A custom table top with soft glazed
finish and tropical artwork.
Nancy designed this needlepoint kit
design for footstools with fruits and
vegetable themes. Note also the faux
finish and stencil border on the wall in
the background.
Nancy created this future family heirloom for her
parents' 60th wedding anniversary. The theme was
fruit and the chair has names of all the grandchildren
and their favorite fruits as well as quotes and sayings.
Nancy painted and glazed this armoire to go with
the original painting she had created for this client.
This kitchen table was glazed and painted to
coordinate with the faux finish and artwork
Nancy had designed for the kitchen walls.
Copyright 2009 Nancy Jo Branigan
All rights reserved.
Nancy softly faux finished these four columns and created twining branches
encircling them inspired by the fabric pattern and soft colors in the decor.
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