George and Nancy Jones Project
While in Tennessee 2006-2007,
Nancy had the pleasure of
creating many murals and faux
finishes for country music icon,
George Jones, and his delightful
wife, Nancy.   
The Beauty Salon
The ceiling was painted
cross-hatch metallic
gold. For the walls,
Nancy cut her own
musical-note stencils
and applied them in 3
dimensional material,
further highlighting them
after glazing the walls.
Master Bath
This mural was painted with metallic
and iridescent paints which catch light
in a unique way. The pictures below
were taken at different angles to try to
show how the image changes as light
plays upon it ...sometimes revealing
details only visible when "lit". Note the
bird's feathers just below.
The Stairway Mural
This is an excellent
spot for a trompe l'oeil
mural since a real
marble stand with
flowers would block too
much of the stairway
and would be too likely
to be knocked over!
And it was a good
place to feature
Bandit, the Jones' Jack
Russel Terrier.
Here's the real
Bandit..who was very
suspicious of our
motives in posing her
for a reference
picture and flattened
down her ears, but
she still has her little
The monkey bathroom
Nancy was looking forward to painting the
beautiful mountains of TN, but her first mural
project there was another tropical scene...and
this one had more monkeys than any FL
mural.....six!  George's nickname is "the
'possum", so Nancy painted one especially for
him. Knowing that the Grandchildren visited
often, Nancy  hid small critters for them to find
like a bee, ladybug, tiny spider, and even an ant!
For the kitchen,family room ,and
hallways Nancy created a glaze of
warm golden, brown, and rust  tones.
This picture shows how the colors look
first applied to the wall [bottom left],
and then after they are blended.
Pool Bath
This room was color-washed first
and muraled over, tone-on-tone,
with white highlights.
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