In this beautiful TN house, Nancy had
great fun creating murals for Tommy
and his baby brother Charlie. The
murals were inspired by their delightful
favorite series of books...
How do
by Jane Yolen and
illustrated by Mark Teague.      
The theme for the baby Charlie was
soft bunnies, and since Tommy
LOVED those dinosaurs, that was
his theme. In the bathroom areas
that were shared, we created a sky
with soft clouds and LOTS of flying
machines piloted by both bunnies
and dinosaurs.
Above is one of my favorite
silly groups...see details of
the "wing walkers" below.
In Tommy's bedroom we created a world of giant
mischievous dinosaurs. You can look through
some of the doorways into the bathroom and
catch a glimpse of the flying scenes.
Some metallic paints were used and
the "lit up" shine shows well in the
polka dots on the lounging one
They are really BIG!
"Just wanted to write and tell you how much we love the murals you did
in my sons' bathrooms and bedroom. The dinosaurs you painted in
Tommy's room are so sweet, colorful, cheerful, and friendly that it really
made a boys room so welcoming. The bathroom is like another world.
The clouds look so real it makes the animals/dinosaurs flying around in
all those different aircrafts look like a fairytale. We just cannot get over
your talent! Please feel free to use me as an
enthusiastic and satisfied
customer! Wish you were in Nashville to do some more work in our
master bedroom and master bath.  If you are ever in town please call

Much Love,
Liz Carson
Rachel's room was a candy pink confection inspired by her Lilly Pulitzer
bedding. Lots of happy bright colors. Her pet rabbit named Lilly was
added in two places. One one the wall and one very tiny one sitting
beside the tiny banana tree painted on the the furniture beside the bed.
Three sisters enjoyed this bathroom. It was an
underwater scene with mermaids, fish, a dolphin,
and even a treasure chest sitting up over a
doorway with pearls hanging down.
Copyright 2009 Nancy Jo Branigan
All rights reserved.
                      Cole's Nursery
The inspiration for the funny animal friends came from the
fabric of the bedding and valence shown to the right. He
will have 2 giraffes, a hippo, an elephant, 3 monkeys, lots
of birds, butterflies, a bee,...and even a portrait of his real
dog friend Summer to keep him company!
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